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Water Softeners & Ancillaries

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Manual Water Softener

A manually salt regenerated scale control system, ideal for the protection of glass and dishwashers.

  • Four sizes 8 to 20 litre capacity
  • Robust construction and easy to install
  • Simple to manually regenerate by flushing through a salt solution
  • If the correct unit is used then regeneration should not be required more than once a week except in the hardest water areas
  • Diameter of all models 185mm
  • Softening capacity @ 120 PPM

Automatic Salt Regenerated Softener

Automatically salt regenerated scale control, ideal for glass and dishwashers suitable for establishments that cannot control the task of manual regeneration.

  • Unit regeneration controlled by adjustable time switch, usually set to run when equipment is not required
  • Five sizes 10 to 30 litres for cold water and 10 litres for hot water
  • Compact design with a speckled grey finish to maintain a clean look
  • Single 13 amp electrical socket required
  • Cold water units for 5 to 40°C, hot water unit for 5 to 65°C water supply temperature
  • Only weekly salt top up required
  • Softening capacity @ 300 PPM


A disposable scale control system designed to protect coffee and vending machines.

Assembled unit:

640mm height x 102mm diameter
(excluding hose and meter)

  • Large disposable resing cartridges - Removes scale forming minerals so ther is little or no scale build up, therefore potential service costs are dramatically reduced
  • Carbon block filter - Removes chlorine taste, odour and requires minimum flushing at install
  • Built in bypass - Gives best blend of water for hot beverages
  • Quick change head and cartridge - No tools required for exchange, fresh seals to prevent leaks fitted to new cartridge
  • Compact design and easy disposal - Can be mounted using bracket supplied or fitted horizontally into a convenient cupboard; used cartridges can be disposed of without any environmental concerns
  • Capacity - 2.8 litre resin filter - Gives 1600 litres of softened water with an initial hardness off 200 PPM, considered very hard water. 5 Micron carbon block allowing 4 litres per minute flow rate
  • Softening capacity @ 300 PPM

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