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Gravity Fed Food Slicers

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A 30cm gear driven food slicer. It has all slicing surfaces made in stainless steel and it has an extended stroke, which enables it to slice long products such as Parma ham. It is not suitable for very large hams.

Teflon coated surfaces for slicing cheese



The UM300 AT has an auto drive motor and features an auto stroke length of 250mm, 42 slices per minute and Teflon coated cutting surfaces as standard. Comes with a fence attachment for slicing thin products.

The UM300 ATV is identical to the UM300 AT but has the added benefit that the length of stroke can be adjusted



A 33cm, gear driven food slicer. Based on the well proven C35 model, the C33F slicer has been designed to retain the well proven design features of the C35, but incorporates a smaller blade and simplified options to reduce costs yet still retaining traditional OMAS quality. It also has an adjustable fence and Teflon coated surfaces.

There is a blade removal tool that facilitates removing the blade without the need to remove its securing screws. N.B. This tool is not available as a retrofit (Part No. 129130).



A 35cm gear driven food slicer that features a single hand knife sharpener operation with sliding blade edge guard.


  • Ø 180 stainless steel hopper for vegetables
  • Digital slice counter
  • Carriage with two adjustable fixing grips for slicing more than one product
  • Adjustable fence
  • Teflon coated surfaces
  • Blade removal tool that facilitates removing the knife without the need to remove blade securing screws. N.B. This is not available as a retrofit (Part No. 129130).

Model Dimensions (mm) Gross Weight Motor Slice Thickness Slice Capacity Ø
UM300 495 x 635 x 495 42Kg 240V, 50Hz, 250W 28mm 230 x 190mm 210
UM300AT/ATV 495 x 635 x 625 52Kg 250W + 180W 28mm 230 x 190mm 210
C33F 450 x 580 x 530 43Kg 240V, 50Hz, 300W   280 x 170mm 330
C35E 450 x 580 x 530 46Kg 240V, 50Hz, 330W   260 x 190mm 250

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