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Halcyon Ice Makers

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The Halcyon Range of Icemakers is designed and built to give you the very best value for money.

These superb icemakers, are competitively priced and manufactured to the highest standards.

When you're looking for the best performance on ice, Halcyon is the star act.

Performance and speed - one of those perfect combinations, like the finest malt whisky with just the right amount of slow-melting ice cubes.

The new Halcyon range of Icemakers has all the features you would expect from a premier range of icemakers - except the premier price tag.

And with a range that has storage capacities from 8kg to 65kg, together with a production capacity of up to130kg every 24hours, there is the perfect model for the smallest bar and the largest busy hotel or pub.

  Key Features:
  • 2 year warranty
  • Superior build stainless steel casing
  • Double skin insulated assembly
  • European built for quality
  • Environmentally friendly R404A refrigerant
  • Spray system produces large crystal clear cubes
  • Removable flexible spray jets for ease of cleaning
  • Removable flexible spray jets for ease of cleaning
  • Comprehensive range from 8-65 kg storage capacity
  • Simple operating system
  • Easily adjustable controls for optimum performance

Model ICE 25 Model ICE 35 Model ICE 45

Model ICE 60 Model ICE 80 Model ICE 130

Model Production
Storage Capacity Cooling System
Size Of Cube Refrigerant Standard Voltage
Input Power
Water Consumption
Sizes (mm)
(W x D x H)
ICE 25 25kg 8kg A 14g R404A 240/1/50 340 W 5.5 350 x 470 x 592 34kg
ICE 35 35kg 15kg A 26g R404A 240/1/50 400 W 5.1 435 x 600 x 695 42kg
ICE 45 35kg 18kg A 26g R404A 240/1/50 450 W 4.3 435 x 600 x 695 44kg
ICE 60 55kg 30kg A 26g R404A 240/1/50 540 W 4.2 515 x 640 x 860 54kg
ICE 80 80kg 40kg A 26g R404A 240/1/50 800 X 3.6 645 x 640 x 860 64kg
ICE 130 130kg 65kg A 26g R404A 240/1/50 1100 W 3.5 930 x 565 x 1050 134kg

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