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PM98/32/114 (standard tray)

PM98/32/114 (giant tray)

PM98/32L/114L (standard tray)

PM98/32/114 (jumbo tay)

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Mainca Mincer Range

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Mainca manufacture a range of high quality mincers designed to suit different production requirements that mince all kinds of meat to an even and uniform texture. Built in stainless steel, Mainca mincers range from 170Kg per hour to 1200Kg per hour output.

All machines are designed for maximum performance. The mincer head is of a uniblock design, engineered for ease of cleaning and minimum heat generation, it has a solid one piece welded finger guard with a high clearance tolerance to facilitate pushing meat into the feeding tube without compromising operator safety.

PM70/12 table top mincer

An all stainless steel toothed belt table top mincer, ideal for front of shop mincing as well as for use in catering establishments. Machine supplied with enterprise simple cut knife and plate.

Approximate yield 170Kg/hour

Single Phase 230v 50Hz 0.75HP motor

Three Phase 415v 50Hz 1.00HP motor

Tray size 310 x 410 x 60mm

PC82/82A table top mincer

A highly specified and extremely robust machine with a well tried and tested motor / gearbox. The newly designed stainless steel mincing head and worm has the capacity to increase productivity.

Approximate yield 350Kg/hour

Single Phase 230v 50Hz 1.5HP motor

Three Phase 415v 50Hz 1.5HP motor

Tray size 310 x 410 x 75mm

2 cutting systems available
  • Knife and plate enterprise (22)
  • Knife and plate European (82)
2 cutting systems available
  • Knife and plate enterprise (22)
  • Single, double & triple plates - unger (82)
  • Extra large feed tray 410x610x100mm
PM98/32/114 bench top mincer with small tray

Gear driven in all stainless steel. It comes with our highly reliable motor and gearbox combination and design changes to the mincing head, which will boost first and second mince. Many of these improvements have materalised from our exhaustive tests carried out on the MG-95 hybrid mincer.

Approximate yield 800Kg/hour

Overall dimensions 470 x 700 x 570mm (wxdxh)

Standard tray 610 x 410 x 75mm
Giant tray 470 x 730 x 90mm (optional)

PM98/32L/114L floor standing mincer with jumbo tray

Floor standing with all stainless steel construction. Machines supplied with one enterprise knife with 4, 5 and 8mm plate.

Approximate yield 1000Kg/hour

Overall dimensions 460 x 900 x 995mm (wxdxh)

Standard tray 470 x 730 x 90mm (model 32L)
Jumbo tray 530 x 850 x 900mm (model 114L)

4 cutting systems available
  • Knife and plate enterprise (32)
  • Knife and plate European (98,114)
  • Double cut knife and 2 plates - unger (98,114)
  • Triple cut 2 knife and 3 plates (98,114)

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