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Biro Kneader Mixers

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Biro Model EMG 32

Raise your meat grinding operations to new heights of productivity, efficiency, and profit with the BIRO EMG-32 Ergonomic Mixer Grinder. The top of the hopper is lowered so that the average operator no longer has to lift a full meat lug above their shoulders to dump it in the hopper, and the grinding head is raised to a height where you don't have to bend over to fill trays prior to packaging. Just as important, you get all of this without sacrificing the quality of your grind. The auger is parallel to the floor, so the product isn't compressed too much from being forced uphill, and the typical temperature rise of the product is 0 to less than 4į F (depending on product temperature). This helps ensure maximum shelf life. The twin mixing paddles give you a fast, even, thorough blend without overworking your product; the auger is fed evenly and smoothly. The EMG-32's compact size means it fits nicely in today's smaller, more efficient meat rooms, so that you can continue to maintain a high level of productivity in minimum space. Of course, all of this comes with the superior BIRO design and reliability you've come to depend on.


Biro Model AFMG 48

The Biro Model AFMG-48 is a workhorse mixer grinder for the medium volume meat operation. Its 7.5 hp (5.6 kw) auger motor and size 32 head can give an output of over 65 pounds (30 kg) per minute for the productivity you need. Separate auger and mixer motors mean there is no clutch to wear out or break, which means much lower maintenance costs and higher profits. The single reduction heavy duty roller chain auger drive with tapered roller bearings is the most efficient drive system, so you get maximum power to the auger. The heavy duty stainless steel 200 pound (91 kg) hopper, frame, and legs can stand up to years of daily washdown and still resist corrosion, so your mixer grinder lasts longer and you get a better return on your investment. Power, durability, and low maintenance.


Biro Model AFMG 52

The Biro Model AFMG-52 is the ideal workhorse mixer grinder for large supermarket meat rooms and medium sized processors and HRI plants. Its 7.5 hp (5.6 kW) motor (or optional 10 hp, 7.5 kW motor) provide an output of up to 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) per minute to give you the productivity you need. The separate auger and mixer motors means there is no clutch to wear out or break, which means much lower maintenance costs and higher profits. The heavy duty roller chain auger drive with tapered roller bearings is separate from the mixer drive, to give maximum power to the auger and more efficiency. The heavy duty stainless steel 200 lb. (90.9 kg) hopper and frame resist corrosion and damage, even in anmenvironment of harsh cleaners. Your mixer grinder lasts longer and gives you more return on your investment. Power, durability, and low maintenance help the Biro Model AFMG-52 Mixer Grinder work harder so you donít have to.


Biro Model AFMG 56 MKIII

With the BIRO Model AFMG-56 Mk III Mixer Grinder you can start increasing the output of your grinding operation without having to spend a fortune.

The 800 lb. (362.9 kg) hopper gives you the kind of capacity you need, and the 20 hp (15 kW) auger motor gives you the power you need. The 5 hp (3.7 kW) mixer motor is strong enough that it wonít bog down with a full hopper, and the twin mixing paddles give you a quick, thorough mix. Safety interlocks and a pneumatic lift for the lid help ensure safety, and the machine has watertight controls and TEFC motors so you can do a full washdown cleanup. The hopper and frame are constructed of heavy duty stainless steel so it resists damage and corrosion. As with all BIRO designed and built machines, you get the benefit of over 90 years of engineering experience in building meat processing equipment.


* Outputs per minute are dependent upon temperature of product and consistency.
Model Ref 9 mm Plate* 3 mm Plate* Plate Size Motor Size (HP) Hopper Size
EMG 32 34 KGS 25 KGS 32 7.5 150lbs
AFMG 48 34 KGS 25 KGS 32 7.5 200lbs
AFMG 52 50 KGS 27 KGS 52 10.0 200lbs
AFMG 56 MKIII 125 KGS 130 KGS 56 20.0 800lbs

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