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Biro Bandsaw Range

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Biro Model 22

The Biro Model 22SS Meat Saw is a smaller saw thats ideal for small meat shops, grocery service meat counters, and fish shops. Its 11.2 hp motor has the power and size to meet your custom meat and fish cutting needs. The unitized welded stainless steel base and cast aluminum head resist corrosion and ensure long equipment life. The upper wheel and lower wheel drive assemblies utilize tapered roller bearings for smooth operation and low maintenance. It's separated, enclosed motor compartment helps protect the motor against moisture and corrosion. The optional stainless steel head assembly and optional watertight magnetic switch assembly turn the 22SS into a perfect production saw for fish cutting operations. Our 22SS incorporates the superior design and engineering you've come to expect from Biro, which means you'll get years of use, low maintenance, and lower overall cost of ownership.


Biro Model 1433

The Biro 1433/1433FH Meat Saw is a compact production saw thats perfect for todays scaled down meat room.

Its 3 hp, totally enclosed motor and 3550 feet per minute blade speed (higher speeds available at no charge) provide you with the power you need. Biros exclusive EZ-Flow meat carriage helps reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. It features a watertight magnetic starter with thermal overload protection, removable lower wheel, and double V belt and pulley drive system. Both incorporate the superior design and engineering youve come to expect from Biro, which means youll get years of use, low maintenance, and lower overall cost of ownership.


Biro Model 3334

The industry standard 16 power cutters feature all stainless steel unitized welded enclosed base structure with aluminum head structure. A stainless steel head is available at extra cost.

The 3334SS is of proven design, durable, and reliable and is applicable to all small, medium, and large supermarkets, and small and medium meat plants.

Unitized welded enclosed stainless steel base structure is standard. True blade alignment allows excellent blade tracking, giving dependable straight cutting year after year.

A broad range of right hand feed and true left hand feed machines are available. There are numerous configurations and optional equipment to select from to meet your requirements.


Biro Model 44

The Biro 44SS Meat Saw is a heavy duty, high volume saw that's well suited for continuous heavy use. It has a 3 hp motor and 4000 feet per minut blade speed that provide you with plenty of power and productivity, and Biro's exclusive EZ-Flow meat carriage helps reduce operator fatigue and increase their productivity. The watertight magnetic starter helps ensure safe, reliable operation and when you combine this with the totally enclosed motor and heave duty stainless steel base and head, you get a saw that will stand up to daily washdown and harsh cleaners. The 18" wheel size lets you cut larger pieces than other saws and a broad range of designs, configurations and options gives you the flexibility to buy a saw that fits your exact needs. Of course the 44SS has all of the superior design and engineering features you've come to expect from Biro, which means you'll get years of use, low maintenance and lower overall cost of ownership. The Biro Model 44SS works harder so you don't have to.


Biro Model 55

The 5 hp (3 Kw) motor provides all the power you need to break pork, lamb, veal, or beef all day in a high volume production operation. Heavy duty, stainless steel construction helps the Model 55 hold up under the harshest conditions with minimum maintenance. With the standard front moving carriage and meat gauge plate and 20 H (508 mm) by 21 D (533 mm) cutting clearance, you can use the same saw to produce retail cuts or split loins and break quarters, which makes the Model 55 unmatched for versatility. Superior BIRO engineering means youll have a saw thats built to last. Over the life of the saw, youll get more for your money. As with all BIRO products, if you need a particular modification to fit your application let us know.Well try to build it for you - something only BIRO does.


Model Ref Cutting Height (mm) Cutting Width (mm) Motor Size (HP)
22 317 280 1.5
1433 360 330 2.0
3334 406 393 2.0
44 431 444 3.0
55 508 533 5.0

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