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About Us

Welcome to our website

My name is Amarjit Bhogal and I started AB Machine Control Services in 1993 as a sole trader and agent for Butcherboy and Biro, both being well established food processing equipment manufacturers in the US.

When Butcherboy ceased to trade in the UK in 1999, we became the the agent for Mainca UK Ltd. and the business has since gone from strength to strength.

By 2006 and due to our continuous success, we attracted some outside investement and incorporated the company, now called AB Machine Control Services Limited. We have since added a number of other products, such as ware washers and ice makers from maidaid halcyon and refrigeration equipment from Frilixa, Interlevin and XL Refrigerators Ltd.

Anybody whose business is food, be it a corner shop, supermarket, restaurant, butcher's or delicatessen outlet knows the importance of quality food processing equipment. Food needs to be presented to the customer in a fresh and ultra hygenic fashion, failure of which could and often does have catastrophic consequences for the business in question. Of course there are many aspects with regards to achieving the correct way of dealing with food stuffs but reliable equipment dealing with the processing, packaging and storing of fresh food is an integral part in this process.

At AB Machine Control Services Ltd. we are continuously committed to provide you with:

  • First class food processing and catering equipment, helping you to run your business hygienically, efficiently and profitably.

  • Ongoing service with regards to spare parts (e.g. bandsaw blades, knives, plates etc.), finance packages for your equipment and upgrades of ageing machinery.

  • Professional advice for the purchase, maintenance and upkeep of your equipment.

I hope you find the information on our website useful and if you have any questions or comments about our services or our website please do not hesitate to contact us by either emailing me personally or by filling in our contact form.

Best Regards,

Amarjit Bhogal

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Lease Finance
Securing the right finance for your business can sometimes be unnecessarily complex and time-consuming.

We can provide you with the solution, removing the obstacles, giving you more time to spend on developing your business.